Salvation in Jesus Only

May 23 | Acts 4:12

“And in no one else is there salvation, for there is no other name under heaven that has been given to people on which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Many atheists complain about Christians being too exclusive. They point to a few passages in Scripture, John 14:6 and this one for starters. But Christianity is not the only exclusive religion. Muslims are also exclusive, and most religions are.

Although they bristle at texts like this, the truth is often hard to handle. Jesus came to us, and throughout His care down ministry, He dealt with naysayers and unbelievers. The leaders of other religions may claim they can save people, but the Bible is clear they cannot.

Most religious leaders do not claim, as Jesus did, they are gods or divinely inspired. Jesus is the only one who can save you. He’s the only one who can promise eternal life and deliver on that promise. Our salvation is not limited to this life.

Jesus saves us for eternity. It’s not about protecting us from the problems we encounter in this life. Jesus has eyes on the Trinity. We don’t come to Jesus just to get out of eternal condemnation. It’s not our fire coat or get out of jail free card.

We come to Jesus because we see His truth and want to know Him more. Besides, the only way you could test whether you receive eternal life is to die. Jesus calls us to follow Him. He promises eternal life. And we can live according to His promises.

Action Step: You trusted in Jesus not short-term, but for eternity. Put your life in His hands and don’t question His promises. They last for a lifetime.

Lord Jesus, I place my life in your hands without reservation. I know you will do great things in my life now, and will give me eternal life.

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