Reflections on Making God’s Word Your Priority

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We’ve talked a lot about the Bible in these last six posts. We’ve discussed everything from how the Canon was formed to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in writing the books to its authority in our lives.

We’ve covered a lot of ground. I thought it would be best to give you my takeaways from my own studies in these areas.

  • I am sure that God preserved and prepared his Word just for me. He painstakingly regarded it through thousands of years just so I could read it. Because he took such great care in making sure I received it, I hold his Word in high honor and am honored to read it.
  • God moved heaven and earth to make sure that I wouldn’t only come to know Jesus but also know exactly what God expects of me through the Bible. I honor him when I live the life that pleases him. And I know exactly what he wants because he was careful to preserve his Word against all odds.
  • I am 99.7% certain that I hold the Bible in my hands that is accurate to the original manuscripts written thousands of years ago. I have no worries about whether or not I am reading the original words that got inspired human authors to write. I know this Word comes from God.
  • I am convinced that the human authors of the Bible books were not God’s robots when they wrote them down. Every word matters because it was carefully handpicked by the Holy Spirit as he inspired writers to write down God’s words with their personalities. I can see a bit of them in the Bible but I can hear all of God.
  • I know that when I study every word of the Bible I get a glimpse into the mind of the Spirit. Every word that I study gives me a glimpse into his awesome power and infinite love. When I discover an amazing truth about each word, I know that he is speaking to me even now.
  • Because I am sure that God preserved his Word for me, and because I know that he used the authors of the Bible through inspiration to speak directly to me, I hold the Bible in highest esteem and turn to its pages for every aspect of my life. I know he is speaking into every situation. I turn to the Bible to discover his wisdom and expectations for me.
  • I don’t worry about any other books. These 66 books challenge and encourage me. They discipline me when I stumble on the path with Jesus. I can feel the breath of God on these pages. Other books may be interesting, but they do not add to my life as the Bible does.
  • The Canon of Scripture is closed. I don’t have to worry that I missed God or I missed something important about following him. I don’t go looking for other things to satisfy me. I’m thoroughly satisfied and sustained by the Bible itself.

In a way, these thoughts are core beliefs of the faith. But they are also personal convictions based on my deep study of these topics. I hope after reading these posts, you have been encouraged and your faith has been strengthened.

We can be sure of the Bible. We can be sure that God composed, preserved, protected, inspired, and authorized it. That’s why it is so useful to us. Where else can you turn to get truth, wisdom, and blessing?

Every time I turn to a passage in the Bible, I receive a current and powerful message that I can apply to my life in that moment. Every time I study it, I see facets upon facets of new ways to understand what God is speaking to me. There is no other book like that!

What are your favorite parts about God’s Word? Have you had these experiences? What are your personal convictions about the Bible? Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the Bible after our studies.

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