Pure in Heart

May 17 | Matthew 5:8

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

I love M&Ms. But my favorite our peanut M&Ms. There are days when I’m not in the mood for peanut M&Ms. I want to try another kind. I don’t have to be held to one choice. And this leaves us open to the desire to not have to make a choice.

But Jesus says those who are pure in heart are blessed. To be pure in heart is to not be choosing and living by more than one system. James talks twice about the double minded person. The heart and mind are closely related in Scripture.

A double minded person cannot decide between two paths. So the pure hearted person is one who can choose one thing instead of being unable to make a choice. But Jesus says you are blessed when you are able to choose one path.

The first path you must choose and stay walking on is the path of holiness with Jesus. You cannot follow some of the world’s standards and some of God’s standards. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the Bible you follow. You must be pure in heart if you want to see God.

Action Step: Choose this day and every day whom you will serve. You can’t be a friend of the world and God’s friend. Keep yourself from becoming double minded. Submit yourself to God’s path of holiness only.

Lord Jesus, I commit to you this day. I will not allow anything else to grab my attention. You are my only reward, my greatest Friend. The world offers me so many choices and voices but I choose to listen to you and your Spirit.

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