Prosperity gospel

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Who prospers under the prosperity gospel?

The prosperity gospel has become very popular in our day and age. It takes scriptures about prosperity that God gives his children and massages them into false teachings. God does speak about prosperity, but it is conditional.

For instance, we must demonstrate wisdom in order to see the prosperity of God. We must trust in God and follow his commands to receive his prosperity. He prospers and blesses those who follow him and all of his teachings.

Several different groups use prosperity gospel to their advantage. Word of Faith preachers tend to abuse the teaching of faith and are often tied into prosperity gospel through the faith idea. Through the teaching of hyper faith, they say you can claim God’s prosperity.

They like to twist Scripture to say what it does not mean. Most of them believe in the whole “Name it, claim it” theology where you just say what you want and it will be yours because you are a child of God. It’s not that God doesn’t grant things for us, but they must be within his will that we ask for things.

They believe that if you pray for healing or are prayed for by their preachers that you must be healed. If you are not, it is your faith that is lacking. They will simply tell you that you don’t have enough faith.

I have a huge problem with this. I’m an ordained minister, and a quadriplegic. I believe for my healing every day and I believe that God has a certain time he is going to heal me for his glory. My faith is not lacking. Can I ask for more, an increase of faith? Of course. That’s what the disciples did. And I do this regularly.

Prosperity gospel proponents believe you should live in luxury and wealth as a child of God. The prosperity gospel has its own problems theologically. It takes the promises of God out of context.

These kinds of theologies have hurt many of the saints whose childlike faith has been abused by preachers who take scriptures and promises out of context to suit their own desires. These saints are the ones who suffer under such unbiblical theologies.

Not only is their faith called into question, but they often give money to preachers who promise them that God will reward their financial gift with healing or financial gain.

On the other hand, it is often the preachers who tout such heretical teachings that gain the most. Their number one goal is to turn the Scriptures against anyone who is not healed or living in wealth. They make a person feel like their faith is not enough, and they have demonic influences, or whatever else they can think up.

They make a lot of money off of the donations and offerings of those they tell they just need more faith to get what they want from God. The only problem with this is that when Judgment Day comes, these preachers will be sorely upset at the judgment dealt their way. It’s a game here on earth but a loss for eternity.

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