Preparing for War

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It may not look like it when you wake up every morning, but you are in the middle of a war zone. We don’t think of this world like that as Christians. But according to the Bible, there is an unseen war, a battle for every human being on this planet.

From kids’ cartoons to the most sophisticated dramas the image of good versus evil fascinates the world. It is a motif that occurs in almost everything we watch and read. It’s become fodder for every form of entertainment.

But this battle is real. Whether it happens inside of us as we attempt to do the good we want to do in the environment of evil or a cosmic fight between God and the devil, the Bible talks about both.

The environment of sin and wickedness bombards Christians daily. Enticements and temptations are a regular part of our lives. We must be vigilant against outside temptations and inner desires from the old life.

Although we can’t see it, the spiritual realm overlays the physical realm. This spiritual realm is the plane on which God and the devil face-off. The only good thing for us is that God is all-powerful and the devil’s days are numbered.

Because these influences surround us, we must prepare to fight for the Lord. As we go through the armor of God and how we can apply it to ourselves every day through prayer, we find that each piece of armor prepares us for the fight.

We’ve been discussing prayer models we can use from Scripture as templates for our prayers. Our first prayer model was given to us by Jesus, the Lord’s Prayer. In these next posts, we will consider how we can use prayer to put on the armor of God every day.

Every preacher and teacher talks about the armor of God and how important it is to arm ourselves. But I don’t always hear them tell us how to put the armor of God on. That’s what we will do as we pray through each piece.

I’m excited to show you how I have prayed the armor of God on to face whatever spiritual battles come my way each day. I hope that this will help you prepare for battle in your life. When we follow Christ, he gives us the tools to be overcomers for him.

Leave a comment and tell me how you put on the armor in your life and prepare yourself for the battles ahead.

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