Praying in the Spirit

October 27 | Ephesians 6:18

“with every prayer and petition at all times in the Spirit and unto the keeping alert in every perseverance and petition for all the saints,” (Ephesians 6:18)

So many times we leave the most powerful weapons at home before we go to war. Some Christians are unprepared to wield the sword of the Spirit, God’s Word. If you go without a piece of armor you may take a hit from the enemy during the fight.

The most powerful weapon Paul gives in the armor of God is praying in the Spirit. Some say this was the lance Paul would have seen on the Roman soldier. He doesn’t call prayer a weapon, but it is very powerful.

We don’t always pray all the time. Some Christians don’t understand what praying continuously means. Elsewhere Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. But how do we do that? It starts with devotions. But you never quit praying in the morning. Devotions are just the start of a day of prayer.

Praying in the Spirit refers not only to the intercession of the Spirit in Romans 8:26 but probably to your personal prayer language. You can pray in tongues with great power, even if you don’t know what the Spirit is speaking through you.

But don’t stop there. Always remain alert in the Spirit, prepared for spiritual battles the enemy will bring when you pray with such power. Don’t give up no matter what he throws at you.

Action Step: Pray in the Spirit throughout the day as He leads you. When you face a spiritual battle use prayer to advance against the enemy.

Holy Spirit, Minister through me in powerful ways today. Speak through me and push back the evil spiritual forces in this world. Keep me alert to the fiery darts of the enemy. Give me Your discernment and wisdom to see what’s coming and know how to defeat it.

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