Prayer on Fire: What Happens When the Holy Spirit Ignites Your Prayers

By Fred A. Hartly and Timothy Penland

Hartly and Penland present a theology of God as fire and show how our prayers can be ignited with God’s power. They relate how the Holy Spirit lights a fire in us through prayer. They approach prayer from a Pentecostal perspective, showing its power because of the God we pray to.

God’s people have a great power they don’t realize. God’s power through personal prayer with Him burns away the sin in us. He teaches us how to live and minister outside the box that many Christians never get outside of to truly minister in His power.

They include a chapter on how to pray as a family, teach her children how to pray, and how to lead prayer in the home. Every member of your family can learn how to pray the kinds of prayers that moved God’s hand in power.

They include personal stories of how God has used them, their family members, and their congregation and powerful ways through prayer. When we pray on fire, Jesus can do incredible things we could never imagine. I enjoyed the Pentecostal perspective of the book, along with the theology of fire in the beginning. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience greater power in their prayer life and to see God move in revival and renewal of His Church. We should all desire to see God let our world on holy fire for His name. Let it begin with us.

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