Poor in Spirit

May 12 | Matthew 5:3

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is God’s kingdom.” (Matthew 5:3)

Bankruptcy seems to be becoming a regular practice in our country. While it’s meant to reset the person’s finances and give them an opportunity to start over, some people are unafraid to fail because they can just declare bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy is a painful process. We shouldn’t want to fall back on it or spend all we want just because we know it’s there. Jesus declares anyone who is poor in spirit blessed, a happy state in life. It’s okay to be happy.

Being blessed doesn’t mean you aren’t spiritual. It means you are walking in God’s best for you. But it doesn’t make sense that someone who is poor, as Luke puts it, or poor in spirit, should be happy.

Jesus is not saying that you’re happy because you are poor in spirit. You are happy because when you are spiritually bankrupt, going to God and relying completely on him because you know there is no other way to connect with him, you are happy. You’re happy because God will answer you. You will see his kingdom.

The poor in spirit are desperate for God. You seek him and no one else. You give your all And Sacrifice, seeking his face in prayer, fasting, and his Word. You desire him above all else. Only he can set things right in your life. And when you seek him, not his gifts, you inherit his kingdom.

Action Step: Submit yourself as poor in spirit before the Lord. Lay yourself bare on his altar and surrender everything you are and have before him. Let him speak to you in his still, small voice.

Jesus, I need you now more than ever. Like Moses, I will not go from here without your presence. I want you and no one else. Reveal yourself to me. I know you are near.

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