Peace with God

April 30 | Romans 5:1

“Having been justified, therefore, by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1)

The whole world surrounds itself with strife and war. If you live in a country that’s a war zone, peaceful moments, the stillness in the eye of the storm between volleys of rockets and bombs, are rare.

Peace with God is the beginning of your relationship with him. Then it continues forever. Before you met Jesus, you were his enemy. Peace doesn’t mean you stopped fighting with him and he doesn’t pour out his wrath on you.

It’s much more than that. Peace means harmony in your relationship with God. You learn to move as one with his Spirit. He has already fixed your relationship through justification. It’s just as if you’ve never send and lost that intimacy with God.

Some people just want to know they’re not going to Hell and that they get to go to heaven. But justification begins a true relationship, not just the benefits. You didn’t come to Christ just to get out of his punishment. You came because you wanted to know him.

But after he justifies you, cleansing you from sin and setting you on his path, it’s just the beginning. His harmony and peace with you, moving in and through you to touch others, deepens your walk in him. You seek to know and serve him.

Action Step: Thank Jesus that you get to walk with him and he has made you write in his eyes. Live in peace with God. You are no longer a child for his wrath. Learn to walk in step with him.

Heavenly Father, I delight myself in you. You have blessed me by making me one of your children. Thank you for the peace and harmony I share with you. Help me to spread that peace to others around me as I share our story with others.

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