Our New Identity in Christ Part 6

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Throughout these six posts on identity in Christ, I’ve just scratched the surface on showing you what God thinks of us when he saves us. I found that if I wrote a conclusion at the end of the last one, it would be way too long. So I split it into a final conclusion that brings everything together.

We’ve covered a lot of ground as we’ve talked about the identity of Christ in every believer. So the best way to finish our mini study on identity is to respond to what we have discovered from Scripture.

Responding to Our Identity

We’ve looked at everything from the spiritual blessings we receive in Christ to what it means to be God’s children. There are so many benefits to what God has given us through Jesus. But the most important thing we can do is respond to what we have learned.

The reason I wanted to cover the identity we have in Christ so thoroughly is that I believe Christians who understand their identity in Christ grow in holiness faster. Some of the holiness battles we fight throughout our Christian lives can be easily won when we know who we are in Christ.

Knowledge is the key to success in walking with Jesus. The realization of who he has made each of us to be helps us to become who we are in him. As I’ve said before, the battlefield for holiness is in the mind first.

If I believe that I am a saint instead of a sinner, a child of God instead of an outsider, then I addressed every temptation, and even the momentary lapses into sin, differently. I don’t see myself as losing my salvation every time I sin. I still see myself as God’s child.

So one of the ways we need to respond to our identity in Christ is to firmly fix in our minds who we really are. And when we experience trials, temptations, and anything else in the Christian life, we can take a stand on who we know who we are in him.

This also has great benefit for spiritual warfare. When we realize our place in Christ, we face these spiritual battles inform that we are already victorious in Christ. We take authority over the things that stand against Christ and against us.

So let us respond to every trial and every spiritual battle standing in who God made us to be. Let us stand as victorious, holy, children of God who takes the authority and power Christ gives and apply it to our lives.

Stating off Temptation

For many Christians today, there are two narratives to their lives. It’s almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On the one hand, they see themselves as Saints winning the battle of temptation and sin. But on the other hand, they continue to fight these things over and over.

We don’t want to be schizophrenic Christians. We don’t want to be encouraged on Sunday of our identity in Christ but not see ourselves victorious throughout the week. Temptation, desires from our old life before Christ, and sin are much more dangerous to us if we don’t realize our identity in Christ.

We fight battles we’ve already won. We try to gain a status in Christ we already have. And many Christians today are still bound up in trying to get rid of the desires they had before they met Christ.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to think of who we are in Christ before the desires we used to know so long before Christ. But the moment we do, we have a whole different plan of action. Identity in Christ tells us that we don’t have to listen to temptation. We don’t have to give ear to our desires from the past.

The more we realize who we are in Christ, the more our new desires in him will win over the old ones. Jesus has such great things in store for us that it’s not worth going backward. And when we realize that he gives us power through the Holy Spirit to defeat these desires and temptations, they don’t have a chance.

Spend time renewing your mind through the Scriptures. This is where God has told us what he thinks of us instead of what the world and the devil think of us. Renewing your mind begins with meditation on the passages that tell you differently than the world.

Let the Holy Spirit speak through the pages of your Bible to you. Let him encourage you spirit to spirit. Put your helmet of salvation on and don’t let anyone change your mind about your identity in Christ.

Acting on Our Identity

in John 10, Jesus says that his sheep. His voice. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus speaks to us, his sheep, every day. But many of us are not listening to him. Some of us don’t know how to listen to Jesus. He speaks through his Word and his Spirit.

When we realize who we are in him, we realize all of the weapons and power he has given us to face down any problem we have, and to live a life that pleases him in every aspect. One of the worst things any Christian can do is forget his or her identity in Christ and drift backward.

When you know who you are in Christ, there is only one direction to move. Let us all go forward in our identity, knowing that Jesus has made us who we are for such a time as this. We can handle anything through his help and the power of the Holy Spirit in us. Let’s not give up any ground to the enemy.


Our identity has changed from night to day. No one can match the benefits of salvation. Jesus has given us more than we could imagine. We owe him our gratitude, love, and service. We dedicate the rest of our lives to showing him that love and appreciation. Let’s not waste it by flirting with sin. We must do the works God prepared for us!

I hope this study has helped you at least in some small way to grow in your identity in Christ. You can face down the enemy, whether that be spiritual forces, former desires, temptation, or sin. Don’t let them win, because they have already lost.

May you go forth in your identity in Christ and break down strongholds in your life and help others with their own. May you never forget how God sees you. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite part of the identity in Christ is.

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