One Step Closer and Fresh Ideas

Have you ever got distracted by new ideas just when you were finishing a task or project? It happens to me a lot. But I have found a solution to keeping it from derailing a project or keeping me from finishing a task. It’s a simple solution, but very effective.

A lot of times when I’m writing, a new idea on another project surfaces in my mind. If I don’t write it down, it will disappear. I may or may not think of it later when I’m working on that project. So, drumroll, please… I write it down in a folder or notebook for that writing project. I know. Simple, right?

By doing this, I keep it from keeping my focus from my current project, but don’t lose the thought about another project. I have learned over my years of writing that this is the simplest and easiest solution to my mind wandering from the current project. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I often get distracted with new ideas and shiny new projects while I am almost done with the current project.

I have learned it’s not wrong to let your mind wander, to think about other projects. But it is wrong for you to become a Leonardo DaVinci and it never finish a project. Since I am so close to the end of my Daily Devos book project, I am finding it harder to focus. However, I am one devotional closer.

I have had another project to work on that I am doing today. I was asked by a missionary friend of mine to give a presentation on enduring suffering, trials, and hardship to the Central Eurasia Lifelong Learning leaders. I am so excited to present this talk to them. They are reading my book in preparation for today. The missionary thought of me because he has also read my book and thought I could speak on this topic from both a practical view and as one who has endured suffering through my paralysis. Once I get this done, it’s back to finishing out those devotionals. It’s back to preparation and writing, editing for me.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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