My Excuse for This Week

Most of you have not heard from me this past week at all. You are probably looking for an Author News post last week but didn’t get one. I didn’t do it on purpose or give you a report on my progress because I am lazy.

Last Wednesday I was not feeling very well and ended up in the ER. We have come to find out through the last week of being admitted into the hospital that I had an infection. Technically, I still have an infection that will probably not be taken care of by my IV drugs until the middle of next week.

As you can imagine, I was going crazy in the hospital by about the third day. I only had my iPad so much of my writing couldn’t even be touched. I have lost a week on all my projects. I had to cancel another week of my life group. But we are back on track for this Sunday. It will be interesting with the IV that I will have to take with me to church.

I don’t like to make excuses for myself. But this one was unavoidable. God doesn’t allow things to happen for no reason. I have been made aware of hospital chaplaincy when I met the chaplain there. I’m exploring the possibility that I may become a chaplain for hospitals, perhaps nursing homes, maybe prisons, and perhaps even hospice.

I don’t know where this new avenue may lead. It may not lead anywhere, but I began to think about the possibility of serving the Lord in this fashion as well. Since I don’t have anything about my writing, I will sign off for now. I wanted to give you an update on what was happening in my life last week. I’ll keep you posted on some of these new thoughts and possible openings for further ministry. Until next time, keep accomplishing your goals and destroying your projects (in a good way).

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