More Than Sufficient

October 5 | Exodus 36:6-7

“So Moses gave the command and the word was passed along through the camp, saying, “Let not man or woman do anything more for a contribution of the sanctuary.” And the people were restrained from bringing, so the contribution was more than enough to do it, and there was more left over.” (Exodus 36:6–7)

One time in my life I received more change than I should have in a purchase. I immediately had two options before me. I can be honest with integrity and return the extra money. Or I could keep the money and consider it their fault for not giving me the right amount of change. I gave the money back.

The people of Israel in the wilderness were giving everything from gold to fine cloth to everything else needed to build the tabernacle. Moses put out the need for all of these items for the tabernacle. And the giving machine of the Israelites sprang into action.

So many things were given toward the sanctuary. The people were completely on board with the project. Their generosity was unmatched because it only took a little while for there to be too much given by the people. Every pastor in a building program would be happy to receive as Moses did.

There was so much given that Moses had to begin turning people away from continuing to give. Jesus calls you to a life of generosity. With the grace He has given you gratitude should be your go to response.

Action Step: Find a way to be generous and give toward a person in need or a ministry in your church. Show yourself zealous in generosity and make it a monthly contribution.

Jesus, teach me how to be generous with the blessings you have given me. Like Abraham, you have blessed me to be a blessing to others. I want to learn how to not hoard Your resources entrusted to me.

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