More Than Enough

September 1 | John 6:12-13

“Now when they were satisfied, he said to the disciples, “Gather the remaining pieces in order that nothing may be lost.” So they gathered and filled twelve baskets with pieces from the five barley loaves which were abounding from those who had eaten.” (John 6:12–13)

Have you ever been to a giant function with lots of food and by the time you got there nothing was left? People do their best to plan for these things to not happen. But sometimes more people show up than they prepared for.

Jesus and His disciples find there are 5,000 men who come to hear His teaching. It’s likely they brought their whole families with them. Conservatively, there could have been 15,000 people there!

In a moment of divine comedy, Jesus looks at Philip and says, “Where can we buy food to feed all these people?” Philip tells him it would break the bank. He speaks from doubt. But Andrew speaks from faith when he points to what they have, not what they don’t.

It’s out of faith because all he has found is a boy with five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus isn’t satisfied to feed the people miraculously because of the provision of food. He is satisfied to do a miracle because of the provision of Andrew’s faith.

It’s not about what you have in your hand. It’s about what you have in your spirit. Do you have the faith that moves mountains and feeds God’s miracles? Jesus can use your faith to do more than enough.

Action Step: Have faith in Jesus to do more than enough for you. Answer in faith. Speak in faith. And you will see great miracles.

Jesus, I believe in You and Your power for the miracle I need in my life. I seek You for Who You are. I want to know You. But I know Your power follows Your presence. Do great things in and through me.

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