More Progress in My Writing

Momentum is a powerful ally in the creative process. I know people say things like that all the time, but these past two weeks are making me a believer. I just read a book, The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield that talks about Resistance and how it keeps you from doing your art. Reading his book has motivated me to ignore the desire to do everything but write.

I have made progress in two books I’m working on. One is Meditations on the Lord’s Supper and the other is a book I was inspired to begin writing because of my life group. I’m calling it Be Filled with the Holy Spirit. It won’t take long to write because I have all the notes from my group. There’s also a book I’m working on for 21 days of prayer and fasting, as many churches use the first part of January as a time for prayer and fasting.

I know, I know. When I get too many things going on nothing gets done. That’s usually true, but I am motivated to get these books into the world. Besides that, I have been faithfully writing in them for the last two weeks. I am really liking the progress I’m making in each of these projects.

I am also three blog posts (in writing) away from finishing my blog series Conformed to Christ on spiritual formation and discipleship. That blog series will probably finish toward the end of November or beginning of December. In the new year, I am starting a new blog series on healing that will go along with my book entitled Healed in the Name of Jesus.

I have a few other projects I continue to work on in the background. I am still editing my devotional book for the whole year, and I am two thirds of the way through November. I have promised in my book Holiness Matters a workbook for Bible studies and small groups. I would like to work on that in the coming year as well. Lots of things are happening. I have just a few more weeks in my life group All about Speaking in Tongues. I am actually finished with my notes for the group, so it is just about going and spending time with my friends in this group and teaching. Things are coming together, and all I have to do is keep plugging away. You in my next Author News update next week!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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