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September 19 | Numbers 11:25

“Then the Lord descended in the cloud and spoke to him, and He took from the Spirit, who was on him, and He put Him on the seventy elders. And it happened that the Spirit came upon them, but they did not do it again.” (Numbers 11:25)

There’s never a time we don’t need God’s presence among us. He finds ways of increasing His Spirit in our midst. We long to see a move of God again. It all begins with His Spirit working in, through, and among us.

Israel was no different in the wilderness. More than ever before Moses needed help to administer his leadership. But it couldn’t be just anyone. Seventy elders needed more of God’s Spirit to operate effectively for Him.

Today we need Spirit-filled and anointed leaders so we can hear from God. Without God’s Spirit among us we cannot be led or fed by God. We need the power of the Spirit. So God’s presence came down in the glory cloud and he distributed more of His Spirit to the elders.

God’s Spirit is not a thing. He is the Person of power and wisdom. God wants to pour out the Holy Spirit on you and in your life. You need His power, wisdom, and presence to be effective as God ministers through you.

Action Step: Seek the Spirit to rest on you and minister through you. Ask God to pour out His Spirit upon you for more effective ministry and a deeper connection with Him.

Lord Jesus, pour out Your Spirit on me. I want to minister for you in a more powerful and effective way. I want everything You have for me. May Your Spirit give me more of your power and presence.

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