Moral Knowledge

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According to Adam and Eve, why is knowledge bad, that they are forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (everything)?

God forbade Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil as the only thing they cannot do in the entire garden. God only gave them one rule to follow but they could not resist. It wouldn’t have mattered if God gave them one rule or ten.

They still found a way to violate his one rule. God gave all human beings a free will. But Adam and Eve used it to sin against God in outright rebellion. The one thing he told them not to do, that’s what they did. This streak of rebellion runs through all of us.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil concerned morality. Before Adam and Eve ate of its fruit, they fell under the banner of God’s decisions in morality. Once they ate the fruit, they became responsible, and every human since then, to make their own moral decisions.

This makes morality more of a subjective approach for human beings. No longer do we look to God and ask him what the right thing is to do in each situation. We think we know better than him. So we strike out on our own and hope our choices are right until something stands up against our choices. This can be in the form of trials and tests.

Knowledge is not bad. In fact, God encourages wisdom and knowledge. Most importantly, the knowledge of God and the fear of God. Knowledge can be corrupted by a sinful mind. But God has created knowledge, so it is not bad at all.

The issue was that humans no longer turned to God for their moral decisions. They decided on their own, making themselves their own gods. It’s an issue that runs deeper than morality itself, for God wants us to look to him as our God and Guide.

Now that we have the knowledge of good and evil, we are required to use it. For Christians though, we still look to God to hear about the right choices that please God. We look to the Bible and we pray to ask God what he expects of us when we are unsure.

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