Making Progress

I’m making progress on my Daily Devos book. I have about 15 more devotionals to write, and then it should be finished. Then comes the editing, formatting, and publishing. I don’t know how long it will take me to have it ready to publish. I’m hoping it takes a shorter time to edit then it has to write these past few months.

No matter how many goals I set to publish more each year, I keep forgetting how much has to go into writing and editing before publishing. And then there’s the marketing. A writer’s life is never boring. Beside everything happening in life itself, focusing on writing is not always easy. I find I have sprints where I can write a whole bunch and accomplish a lot in one day. But in the next couple of days, I barely accomplish anything.

I am prepared for my final life group this Sunday. That means I can devote time to more writing projects, and other projects I have going on. I’m trying to focus on one writing project at a time. Aside from writing blog posts, which most of my writing time goes into, I have found it is easier to focus on one project at a time for writing books. If I don’t, either book makes progress. Are you the same way?

Scientists tell us we don’t actually multitask. Our brain focuses on one task at a time. It can switch between tasks quickly, but it doesn’t actually do two tasks at the same time with the same amount of focus. I’m learning that the hard way. So, I will focus on blog posts and the Daily Devos book. I will soon ask my social media following what titles they would give for the devotional book. If you have any ideas, leave a comment and let me know. Now it’s time to get back to those tasks I’m talking about and life.

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