Making Peace

May 18 | Matthew 5:9

“Blessed are those who are peacemakers, for they will be called God’s sons.” (Matthew 5:9)

We live in a world at war. From the political scene to the social scene everyone is screaming at everyone else. There is no unity or tolerance as we used to know them. People don’t know how to compromise anymore.

But in these times you must become a peacemaker. Those who are peacemakers are God’s children. You work for peace in every situation. If it’s at all possible with you, you live in peace with everyone. There’s enough war and anger in the world.

Jesus calls you to live differently than everyone else. He calls you to serve as a peacemaker. He led by example to bring peace between you and God. It’s not just stopping the fighting and the yelling. It’s living in harmony with other people.

It used to be that unity and peace could be maintained even between enemies. But people have taken it to a whole new level. It’s not just about having differing opinions. People want to squash anyone who disagrees with them.

You must become a person who is extremely hard to offend. You must be the bridge between warring factions. God has called you to this sacred work. Now go and make peace for Jesus.

Action Step: Find ways to make peace between people who refuse to live in peace with one another. Try to be like Jesus who brought peace to you.

Jesus, give me your wisdom and ability to bring peace to my situations. I want peace with family members, friends, coworkers, and schoolmates. Help me to be the bridge like you were. I want to be a minister of peace in a divided world.

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