Light at the End of the Tunnel

it’s a good feeling. I’m close to the end of writing my devotional book. Except for ten more devotions, five for Mother’s Day and five for Father’s Day, the writing and translating portion of this project is finished. I’ll have an even better feeling when I am finished with these two parts.

You can receive my Daily Devos every day on my website. I’m also trying to make sure it can be available in the no form. So what are the benefit of the devotional book? None of the holiday devotionals are on the website unless they regularly occur in a month, like Independence Day, or Christmas. But for days that change, like Thanksgiving, Easter, Pentecost Sunday, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, those devotions will only be in the book.

You may see different days have different devotions in the book than on the website too. That’s not my intention, but it may happen. Plus, you can only the devotion for each day on that day on the website and an email. With the book, you can read devotions from days other than the current date. The devotional is a 365-day devotional. I included one devotional for the leap year also,

This project is coming close to the finish line. I’ve already begun the editing process. I hope to complete this whole project and finalize it for publication before the end of May. I’m giving myself room for editing and formatting. But it’s so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the finish line. You will see the progress of this project on the top of the right panel of my website on any of the pages with blogs or blog posts. For now, it’s back to writing for me.

Image by Claire Diaz from Pixabay

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