Lessons I Learned in the Dark

Steps to Walking by Faith, Not by Sight
Jennifer Rothschild

I was unfamiliar with Jennifer’s ministry, and therefore didn’t realize by the title that she is blind. She opens by talking about her story and how she became blind. I went up to the story because I am legally blind since I had been born. I enjoyed learning about her story and how she coped with being blind.

In the Bible, many of the stories of Jesus opening the eyes of the blind sure that they have extreme spiritualism even though they cannot physically see. I see this in Jennifer as she writes an amazing book not only about her story and what life has thrown her way, but about how she has grown in faith.

That’s the best lesson I learned from her book, that faith is something to rely on when we cannot rely on anything else. When we are afraid, feel hopeless, or don’t know what to do, we can always turn to Jesus. The book is full of Scripture and examples that we can use to walk in our faith. I highly recommend this book to you. Even if you can see with your physical eyes, everyone needs to learn how to walk with Jesus in faith, to use their spiritual senses. Jennifer does a great job of teaching you how to do just that. This book is for anyone who is interested in stories about the blind, ministers to the blind, or is just interested in stories of faith.

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