Keeping My Head Down

I got back from the hospital last week and started chipping away at all my projects once again. I hesitate to say on doing an awesome job in making great strides of progress. A little progress here, a little progress there. That’s when Matt and it’s going well.

I’ve been reading a book that I will do a review on when I am done called The War of Art. It’s like a kick in the pants for writers. It’s challenging me to stay up-to-date with my goals and just do the work. I think it’s working for me. It will be part of the new series I start on book reviews for books on writing. I’m slowly getting some of those categories started.

I am writing a book I felt the Lord lead me to write entitled “Be Filled with the Holy Spirit.” It is based off of my current life group on All about Speaking in Tongues. The book will be more comprehensive even then the life group, with some changed emphases. I’m liking how it’s going.

Of course, I am keeping up with writing my book on the Meditations on the Lord’s Supper. That’s going pretty well too. I’m almost done with another chapter. I don’t actually know how I will arrange these chapters, but I will figure that out after the writing, as I tend to do.

What I am most excited about is I am now three weeks ahead again on my blog and almost finished with the writing of this blog series on being Conformed to Christ. I have may be for more posts to write and then I can begin planning for my next miniseries “Healed in the Name of Jesus.” In that series, I will be going through the biblical evidence for promises and feelings Jesus did. It will talk a lot about faith and healing. Stay tuned for that one.

I’m also continuing to edit little by little my devotional book that will probably be coming out early next year. With all the projects I have going on, I maintain a good pace and staying ahead of the game even with my hospitalization. If you can’t hear it in the text (which you can’t), I’m pretty excited and happy with what I am in my writing life right now. Things are coming along. Nothing is being blown out of the water in prolific writing, but writing in every project each day gets a little more done for each project and moves my progress. Momentum is a glorious thing! Now to get back to it and keep that progress rolling

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