Keep the Saying

June 30 | Genesis 37:11

“And his brothers envied him, but his father kept the matter in mind.” (Genesis 37:11)

There are at least two people in the world. Dreamers focus on a future they may never see or be able to make a reality. They have their head in the clouds. More practical people focus on the day-to-day and don’t worry about dreaming about their future. They live in the now.

Neither of these is the “wrong” approach. It’s good to be able to dream about your future and have goals in mind. But it’s also important to be practical and take every day as it comes. Joseph was a dreamer, but Jacob loved him because of his mother Rachel.

How do you handle a dreamer? Especially when his dreams go against the cultural norm of children bowing to their parents instead of their parents bowing down to them? At first, Jacob rebuked him for saying such things.

Even if Jacob rebuked his son for his crazy suggestion that went against the way of things, Jacob had the sense to keep the saying of the dream in mind. You may hear some crazy things from God, but if he is saying them to you he will fulfill them. Keep them in your mind. Hold on to them in the hard times.

Heavenly Father, I know you have great plans for me. I can’t see I will the amazing things you are doing for me in the future because I am stuck on the present. Help me to remember your promises to me and praise you in the day of their fulfillment.

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