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I haven’t written the final four devotionals yet. Part of the pause in my writing is due to still try to navigate working while I’m on my sites, switching every two hours. This means I only have a certain amount of time during the day that I face my computer and can write and accomplish all my other goals. This makes it difficult to write or do anything on my computer.

But I won’t let that get me down. I am making slow progress in all my endeavors. I get two courses from the company that makes my Bible software every year. I have just completed the first, a class in Leviticus. The next course I’m interested in is going through 1 John and looking at the original language. I know this sounds nerdy to most people, but I really enjoy it.

As far as writing, I know what I will wait for three of four devotionals. But that last devotional for Father’s Day I am having trouble getting a topic. Writers deal with “writers block” in different ways. Some cannot start from scratch, and the blank page and found them paralyzes their mind. That usually does not happen to me. There are many strategies to deal with writers block.

I don’t consider this writers block. The absence of an idea for my final devotional is not because of the blank page. It is because I am waiting for the Lord to give the idea for it. The way my mind works is to wait and allow the Lord to give not only topics that the general words and subideas and points I want to make with it. This happens in writing and preparing sermons and Bible studies to me.

I have learned that instead of staring at a blank page, it is best for me to allow my mind to work in the background as I pray and seek the Lord for the substance of what He wants me to share. So, that is what I’m doing now. He has given me the idea for the final devotional. I’m looking forward to the final moments of writing for the project of my Devotional Book.

As I write these final four devotionals, it is now time to turn to you and ask what you would title my book. Some people have suggested that calling it “Daily Devos” with some subtitle that identifies it as a devotional is not going to appeal to most people. However, I have no idea of what to call it. I will reach out to people in email, and social media, to see if others can come up with a catchy title and subtitle for the book.

Other than the last four devotionals and a title, I have a few translations to complete and then edit the book before I publish it. Since are coming together for its release sometime in June. And prayer request for me, pray that I can complete this book before I move on to the next book writing project. Also, pray for my pressure sores to heal quickly so I can get back to all the events and ministry opportunities I want to enjoy doing this Summer and Fall. For now, it’s back to planning, writing, translating, editing, and formatting for publishing.

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