Indescribable Joy

July 2 | Genesis 45:26

“And they told him, saying, “Joseph is still alive, and he is ruler over all the land of Egypt.” And his heart was stunned because he didn’t believe them.” (Genesis 45:26)

There’s a moment in everyone’s lives when they think it is all lost and are surprised at the outcome. It often happens in sports when the team thinks it is too far behind and can’t come back. From baseball to football comeback victories are always nail biters.

Jacob had long since believed his son Joseph was dead and gone. So when the news that Joseph was alive and ruler over Egypt Jacob could not find it in his heart to believe it. He had given up long ago on the possibility that Joseph survived.

Jacobs heart was numb because hope was born and sprung to life in his heart. He must have hung on every word his sons spoke about Joseph. When he realized what happened all he wanted was to go see him.

Jacob says he can die a happy man after he sees Joseph. Lies about Joseph’s demise could have crippled him but he chose to believe the truth. The reunion with his son couldn’t come sooner.

As much as your deepest lows and valleys in your life can cause sorrow and depression the highest mountain peaks of victory bring the greatest joy. Overwhelm and the bubbling over of your jubilation make you celebrate and worship God for his goodness.

Action Steps: Look ahead to your victory and see it in your mind’s eye. You may be suffering in the valley today but he will bring your mountaintop experience to you. Hold on to your vision of victory.

Lord Jesus, I know times are tough right now. But I also know that your victory is coming. I know I will experience the fulfillment of your promise for me. I look forward to how you are going to bring victory in my life. Give me strength to hold on.

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