Images Transformed

Did you ever trace an image through the whole Bible see how it changed from beginning to end? Many of the images we see of common objects are used symbolically and changed throughout time.

Every image contains a message about how God communicated with humans. Images were transformed through time as the way God worked with humans changed. Every object was elevated to reveal something greater about God and his plan for his creation.

In my upcoming short story series, I will take you on a journey through ancient time, showing how God changed the way he used the common objects of the Bible. Join me as I trace images like gardens, mountains, and stones from the beginning to the end to show their significance in God’s plans.

Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

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  1. Jonathan, Congrats on getting the preview page up. I’m impressed that you plan not one story but an entire series for your launch. You are going to be one busy man. Go for it.

    1. Jonathan Srock

      Yeah. I’m beginning to realize that now! We’ll see how far I actually get in the process.

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