Ignore the Storm

September 29 | Matthew 14:29-30

“And He said, “Come,” and Peter got out of the boat, walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind he was afraid, and when he began to drown, crying out saying, “, save me!”” (Matthew 14:29–30)

I’m fascinated with storms. When I was pastoring my church we had a thunderstorm that produced hail. I watched each stone hit the parking lot, the lightning strikes. Standing in front of my storm door I watched lightning strike our church chimney and splatter bricks everywhere! I’ve never jumped away from the door so fast in all my life.

Jesus sent the disciples ahead in a boat to cross the sea of Galilee. But about the middle of the sea, the storm became so scary that it frightened these career sailors. Most of them had been in boats all their lives.

To make matters worse they saw a ghost coming straight for them. It’s the ultimate biblical horror story. But in the middle of the scariest storm in their life the ghost turned out to be Jesus walking on the water.

Imagine that instant. Jesus’ divinity was on full display. Who couldn’t focus on Jesus? Forget the storm. In another moment of courageous faith Peter chose the challenge.

He was willing to walk on water if it really was Jesus. Jesus called him to come, setting the stage to violate natural laws with faith. But when Peter was distracted with the wind and waves he began to drown.

Action Step: Keep your eyes of faith on Jesus. Don’t look at the wind and waves. Trust Him to guide you through the storms of life.

Jesus, I trust you to guide me through my storms today. No matter what I face I know You are with me. Nothing I face surprises You. Help me with every trial and suffering. I know will make me a conquerorer.

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