High Pressure Approaches

Everyone learning how to share their faith for the first time needs a little help. When I was in Bible College I was involved in a street evangelism and a door-to-door evangelism group. The problem with these approaches is that their cold turkey.

You walk up to someone on the street, or a person’s door, and you begin to talk about Jesus. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you pick your mark before you present the gospel. Most of the time, you are rejected at best. Most people don’t appreciate these approaches.

I had little success with this approach. They gave me a program of questions to use, kind of like Evangelism Explosion. Based on the answer, you ask a follow-up question, and so on. I didn’t usually get past the first question or two.

These approaches have several drawbacks. If you’re like me, and you’re more of an introvert, calling someone out on the street is probably not your style. If you’re shy or timid, you won’t do well with this approach. But there are other approaches that may fit better.

Have you ever tried door-to-door or street evangelism? How did you do with it? Did you feel pressured or did you put the pressure on someone you are witnessing to? Let me know what your experience has been with these approaches in the comments below.

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