He Knows Your Name

April 18 | John 20:16

“Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned, saying in Aramaic, “Rabboni,” (which translated is “Teacher”).” (John 20:16)

Because I am legally blind, I have a hard time with faces. I am better at hearing a person’s voice. It’s unmistakable to me, and I know exactly who is speaking. Sometimes it takes a moment of clarity in a voice to recognize a familiar face.

Mary Magdalene stayed at the tomb that Sunday morning, weeping for her Lord. First she lost him at the cross, and then they moved his body. She was so distraught she barely noticed the angels talking to her. Even in Jesus’ death she just wanted to be close to him.

He had changed her life forever. Even as he spoke to her she did not recognize her risen Lord. But then he said to her, “Mary.” In a divine moment, she recognized him. She wanted to touch him, to know this was real. But he told her to wait.

His voice was the key. Dead men don’t speak. But there was that familiar voice, the one she had listened to throughout his ministry. It was a revelation, like coming out of a dark house into the sun. Life was flowing back into her.

Jesus knows your name. He knows your situation. Even when you are distraught, unable to recognize what’s going on around you, Jesus is paying attention. He is focused on you. When he speaks, you know his voice.

Action Step: Listen to Jesus’ voice. Hear the Holy Spirit as he speaks to your soul. Obey his voice. He brings life in his hands. He has not forgotten you. He walks with you every moment of this date.

Jesus, thank you for your voice, that you are alive forevermore. You speak to me every day. Help me to hear your voice, not the voice of others. Teach me to know your voice. I know it’s my only lifeline to conquer today’s challenges.

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