Gospel Truth

Is an hour long enough to hear the full gospel of Christ?

The gospel is both complex and simple. One hour is plenty of time to listen to the full message of the gospel. Many pastors at the end of their sermons during the altar calls give the message of the gospel in five minutes or less.

And yet you can spend a lifetime studying the whole meaning of what Jesus did for us. To convey the whole message of the full gospel of Christ we need to know what parts of it are essential.

The essential gospel is that Jesus came to earth, preached the message of good news, was arrested though he was innocent, put on trial, died on the cross as the sacrificial Passover Lamb in our place for our sins to restore our relationship with God, was buried for three days, and rose again on the third day.

There’s a lot of theology just in those quick steps. But getting those to the person listening is enough for them to ask their own questions, receive a guided understanding of the full gospel of Christ. In those steps are the essential truth of who Jesus is and what he has done for us.

I could wax eloquent for hours on the full gospel of Christ. There are so many facets to explore and understand when we come to Christ. But within an hour, you can tell the entire message. You can relay the full gospel of Christ within five minutes because of its simple straightforward message.

But each of us will spend the rest of our lives and probably much of eternity asking questions about the amazing power of God and how he has culminated human history in the coming of Jesus to save us from sin and bring us into God’s kingdom.

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