God’s Plans for You

December 27 | Jeremiah 29:11

“For I myself am revealing the plans I myself am weaving for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not evil, to give to you a future and hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

We form plans for ourselves sometimes at the beginning of the year and sometimes throughout the year. When I put a preaching calendar together I spend up to a week in prayer and God’s Word. I ask Him where He wishes me to lead my congregation.

It’s easy for us to think about the plans we make for ourselves. But have you thought of God’s plans for you this upcoming year? What are His plans, goals, and priorities for you? Some of His plans He includes in His Word. But other plans are for you personally.

He states His plans for your best. He wants you to prosper. But not like they talk about in the prosperity gospel. It’s not a selfish prospering. He has a future for you. It’s a good future with Him as your center and focus.

Prosperity is not about money. It is about growth in the Lord. It’s about a deeper relationship with Him. It’s about knowing the King of your heart better. Will He bring more material wealth this year? Perhaps. But He will definitely take care of your needs.

Jesus is your hope. He brings you hope in the times of deepest despair. He ministers to you and understands you more than anyone else. He wants His holy best for you. That is prosperity and wellness.|

Action Step: Seek the Lord for His goals and priorities for your life. What does He want you to do this year? How can you further His Kingdom? Everything else follows.

Jesus, I want to know Your goals and priorities for my life. How can I serve You this coming year? I want to do what You have for me. I want prosperity Your way.

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