God’s Mouthpiece

September 16 | 1 Corinthians 12:10

“… to another prophecy….” (1 Corinthians 12:10)

Imagine if God spoke His powerful messages through you. What would He say to the people around you? You would be like a lightning rod for some people. They need to hear God’s message for them through you.

The Old Testament prophets were God’s mouthpieces to the people of Israel. Most of the time their messages addressed the culture of Israel, when the people did not obey God’s laws, and when God wanted to proclaim what He was going to do for them.

The Holy Spirit wants to empower you to speak God’s words to His people today. Many people think the gift of prophecy is controversial. Some people think it’s abrasive. But God still speaks today. He still has prophets He ministers through.

People know when God speaks. It cuts through the noise of our daily lives. God speaks to His Church, encouraging, correcting, and exhorting us. He can speak through you. You can be His voice.

You must follow the Holy Spirit, listening to and obeying His prompting in you. It’s not your message. But you are privileged for God to speak through you. You build up Jesus’ Church as He calls them to greater things in Him.

Maybe you feel a message from Jesus during your church service. You get an unmistakable prompting that the Church needs to hear this. Don’t pass the moment by. Trust the Holy Spirit to deliver His message through you.

Action Step: Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of prophecy. It is the most desired gift. Open your mouth and let God speak through you. Be humble and teachable as you learn and practice your gift.

Holy Spirit, I want to speak Your encouraging and powerful words to Your people. Please give me the gift of prophecy and minister Your healing words through me. I long to hear Your voice.

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