God’s Children

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Since we are all God’s children, how much should we pray to him?

Actually, all human beings are not all God’s children. Many politicians are saying this so that they sound like they are inclusive. Only people who believe in Jesus Christ are God’s children.

John 1:9-13 explains this principle. As a talks about Jesus, the true light, comes into the world, which does not know him and rejects him. The world refers to all the inhabitants of the earth. Then John makes a distinction between all the inhabitants of the earth and people who believe in Jesus in John 1:12.

He says that to all who did receive Jesus, who believed in his name, God gave the right to become children of God. Then he describes how God’s making those who believe in Jesus part of his family is different from how humans do it (John 1:13).

Although all human beings are not all God’s children, there are some things Scripture says about humanity that also apply to this question. First of all, God placed his image in each of us (Genesis 1:26-28).

Even after the Fall of Man in Genesis 3, humans continue to be image bearers for God. Scholars debate exactly what containing God’s image means, but we know that after the Fall it was marred by sin. But every human being still has the image of God.

So we do have this in common. As far as the question about how much we should pray to God, the answer is that there is never too much prayer. Prayer can be directed toward different divinities. If you are referring to the God of the Bible, anyone can pray to him.

However, the Bible is unclear as to whether or not God will answer an unbeliever. He always listens to those who believe in him, but he may not answer the prayers of those who don’t know him. The best I can understand is that he answers the prayer to know him, believe in him, and trust in him.

God preferred his people, the nation of Israel, when it came to answering prayers and giving them favor in the Old Testament. And he does favor those who are his children through belief in Jesus when it comes to prayer.

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