God of Creation

September 6 | Job 38:4-7

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding, Who established its measurements – for you must know. Or Who stretched out the measuring line on it? On what were its foundations sunk, or Who set up its stone corner, when the morning stars sang, and all the sons of God shouted?” (Job 38:4–7)

Job suffered many things by Satan’s hand. We can understand some of what he was going through. He lost all of his children, his health, and his wife’s support. All of this to keep his faith and continue trusting in God.

His friends came to console him but they turned out to be terrible friends who accused him of being a wicked person, sinning against God, and getting what he deserved as a sinner. They became accusers instead of friends.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of Job’s trials. In the middle of his pain and anguish his friends piled on more. He was alone in his suffering. Jesus suffered the same pains as Job as He suffered from a lack of support from His disciples during Passion Week.

You will have tribulations and trials in this world. And you don’t always have the support of your family and friends. But when it seems like you don’t feel God’s presence, or that he is with you in your suffering, remember He is the God of creation. His power is unparalleled. He is with you always.

Action Step: Realize that the same power God used to create the universe is working on your behalf. Trust in God in the dark night of the soul and the silence that He will never leave or abandon you.

Jesus, though I don’t feel Your presence in this moment, I know You are with me. I trust in Your plan for my life. Calm the storms and bring Your light into my dark situation. I wait on You and lean on You in my trial.

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