Free Grace in the Bible

Would there Biblically be strings attached to free grace?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a book called “The Cost of Discipleship” where he talked about the idea that free grace is not free. Jesus died on the cross to bring us grace. When we treat it like free grace, we belittle his sacrifice.

It is grace for us, and it is free to us. But it cost Jesus his life. We must not think of it as something we can use to do what we want. To cheapen grace by calling it free makes us think of the other free things we have.

When I get something for free, I don’t cherish it nearly as much as something I pay for. If I pay for a product, I use it more than the free things I receive. We mustn’t do this to the grace God gives. So in this sense, grace is not free.

As far as strings attached go, Jesus expects us to live a holy life. Throughout the Bible, especially in the New Testament, there is an emphasis on holiness. This is not gained purely through our own abilities. The Holy Spirit guides us into holiness.

I have always preached and taught that the only thing Jesus requires of us is obedience. Several times in the Gospels Jesus called us to obey his commandments and teachings. But obedience doesn’t come easy to us. It will take a lifetime to learn how to obey Christ in every situation.

Our obedience follows on the commands of Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit. As he works on our character to conform us to the image of Christ, he calls us to do certain things. Through our obedience, we do works to glorify God.

These are not words that save. They are works to glorify God and please him. We do it out of love instead of obligation. So we please God through loving acts that confirm our faith in Christ. This is what God expects from us and calls us to do. His grace toward us is a blessing we can never repay.

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