For God’s Glory

July 22 | John 9:3

“Jesus answered, “Neither he sinned nor his parents, rather so that the works of God might be revealed in him.” (John 9:3)

I’m a problem solver. When people come to me for counseling or just mention their problems, I want to help them. I look for solutions as I listen. I pray and ask the Holy Spirit what I should say.

Many of us like to solve problems just like Jesus’ disciples. They came upon a man blind from birth. Instead of seeking his healing they wanted to explain why he was blind. Some thought he sinned in his mother’s womb. Others thought his parents were the culprits.

But Jesus set them straight. None of that had anything to do with this man’s condition. He was blind so God could display His mighty work of healing in him. It was for God’s glory that the man was healed.

God receives glory from putting His power in you on display. During my paralysis God has used me powerfully for His ministry. But this isn’t it. He will receive even more glory when I step out of my bed and walk again. And He’ll do it for you too.

We often focus on ourselves when we are sick or disabled. But it’s not about us. It’s about God. It’s about glorifying Him until we are healed. And when we are, what praise will rise from our lips as we give God credit for His glorious work!

Action Step: Give God the glory and praise him now for what he’s about to do in your body. He is healing you for his glory and honor. May your healing bring many salvation.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your healing work in me. I know you will be glorified. I praise you for your goodness to me. I will tell everyone what you have done for me. Glory to your name!

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