For Forty Years

August 27 | Exodus 16:35

“And the children of Israel ate the manna forty years until they came to a habitable land. They ate manna until they came to the border of the land of Canaan.” (Exodus 16:35)

You can’t trust everybody. Some people have let you down in the past. Other people have trust issues in their past. People can be unfaithful, take you for granted, and let you down. We are all only human.

But you can be sure that God will never let you down. He never has and He never will. He has proved Himself over and over. Examples abound from the Scripture of God’s faithfulness. But if you look back at your life, He has never let you down personally either.

It’s not in God’s nature to be unfaithful. It’s not just that He is always faithful. He does it in miraculous ways. When the children of Israel cried out for food in the wilderness God supplied them with a food they couldn’t even name without showing His miraculous provision.

This strange food they called manna. It means, “What is it?” Not only is God’s provision miraculous. But it is long-term. He never stops taking care of every need you have. For forty years as they walked in the wilderness He never stopped providing this strange food.

The Bible records that God provided for the Israelites until the day can provide for themselves in the Promised Land. God faithfully provides above and beyond your need in miraculous ways.

Action Step: Trust God to supply your needs miraculously. He will never let you down. He always comes through. Look to God’s provision in His timing.

Jesus, You are my Provider. I thank You before I see You fulfill my needs. I know You will come through for me every time. I praise You in my need and look forward to Your miraculous provision.

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