Feeling Like I’m Moving the Needle

It’s been another week and I am writing again in my books! I say books because I am accomplishing a lot almost daily in my Meditations on the Lord’s Supper book. Time foregoing as much of the research as I can so I can get my thoughts down about each section I feel is important to expanding understanding about the Lord’s Supper aspeople are partaking.

Something has come up and I will blame it on the Holy Spirit. As I am leading a life group about the subject of speaking in tongues, I have the impression from the Spirit that I need to write a book about experiencing the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. The saving grace is that much of the content is already part of my notes for this group.

As a doing my research and reading a lot about this subject, I’m finding a lack of teaching in some places, like speaking in tongues as part of your prayer language. I don’t expect this book to be very large or groundbreaking, but I think it will make some strides in areas that are not currently talked a lot about that are important to the experience of the Holy Spirit.

I’m staying ahead of my notes for this life group, which is one of the major projects on my shelf right now. I’m also staying ahead of my blog posts and coming to a close on that series of my blog soon. This is my spiritual formation series. My next series will be on healing in the Bible. I will be preparing for that series and expect to take off the month of December for the Christmas season and begin that series in January 2024.

I really feel like I’m finally making progress in my books especially. Writing in books is different than writing a blog post. So I really enjoy writing in my books and seeing the progress start to happen there. Also, I am 20 end of October in my editing of the devotional book. On all fronts, I feel like I am making a lot of progress, more than I felt I was making for the last two weeks to a month. All that said, I want to keep up the momentum, so I’ll catch you next week with another update. Perhaps I’ll give another sneak peek of a different chapter or section of the Lord’s Supper meditation book.

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

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