Favorite Bible Readings

What are your favorite things to read in the Bible?

I love to read the biographies of some of the great people of faith in the Bible. Passages that talk about Abraham and David, Moses, Paul, Peter, and many others. None of these people were perfect, but God was working on them and making them great in his kingdom.

I also enjoy reading the Gospels because they are the foundation for our belief in Jesus. If we don’t keep reading and reminding ourselves of the great things he can do, then we’ll have a hard time coming to him when we have troubles.

Because I’m paralyzed and legally blind, I thoroughly enjoy reading the miracles of Jesus. Every time he healed blind and lame and paralyzed people, my heart and spirit soar. I know God can do the impossible because Jesus did it in the Gospels regularly.

I have a harder time, even with my biblical training, with the harder passages that all Christians have trouble with. For instance, reading through the laws, genealogies, and some of the prophets requires more than just reading. To truly gain an appreciation for these genres, more study must be put in.

Of course, I thoroughly enjoy studying the Bible no matter what part I’m looking at. But when I do my devotional reading, if something piques my interest, I mark it to go back and study it in more depth later.

Like many others, I enjoy reading the letters of the New Testament. My favorite author is the apostle John. So I spend a lot of time in his five books. But everyone must be careful not only to read the parts they enjoy. There’s something to be said for a wide variance in reading and knowing the whole counsel of the Scriptures.

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