Even Greater Miracles

March 3 | Acts 5:14-16

“And more and more believers were being added to the Lord, multitudes, both men and women, so that they even carried out into the streets that sick and laid them on cots and mats so that when Peter came by, even his shadow might overshadow any of them. Then, even the multitudes were gathering from the towns around Jerusalem, carrying the sick and those afflicted by unclean spirits, they were all being healed.” (Acts 5:14–16)

Televangelists have people send their ministries money, and then they send people relics. I remember one of them had a handkerchief they prayed over and sent to people that would heal them. Others had Bibles with their notes in them. Some would send relics they promised would bring wealth.

The sad thing is that many of these televangelists make their money from people who don’t have money. People on fixed incomes and those who give to these ministries with credit cards are missing the point of Christian giving. You should only give what you have. It shouldn’t break the bank to dip into a credit card, money you don’t have to give.

The early church apostles did not have these concerns. God’s power was readily available, and He did miracles and healings through the apostle Peter that were extraordinary. But He did them to further His Church and Kingdom. He showed His power and people believed and Joan and the Church, despite persecution. Jesus heals for His glory, to receive glory from people who see the impossible.

Jesus wants to heal and show His power to people through you. These healings ‘s happened through Peter because he devoted himself to prayer and preaching he was all about giving Jesus his time and life. Only then could Jesus do such great things through Him.

Action Step: Give Jesus your life, your time, and your resources. Make your life about His glory and He will use you in powerful ways to further His Kingdom.

Lord Jesus, I surrender myself to You and Your plans for me. My life is Yours. Do whatever You want to with me. I want to see You do great things in my generation for your benefit, not mine.

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