Editing Like a Fiend

I am only working on my computer about 6 hours per day. Because I have several projects I have to work on each day, I can go through 10-15 devotions a day. The good news is that I am starting June today, about halfway through the year. After that, I have the holiday devotions to go through at the back of the book.

I still don’t have a page count until I finish my editing. This is crucial to discovering the dimensions of the cover. The page count decides the size of the binder. Until I know that, I can’t get a cover designer. Thank you to everyone who took time to give me ideas of the best title and subtitle for the book. If you missed that and want to give your input, you can participate in the survey here.

Other writings has taken a pause, except for blog posts, of course. You could say it’s bouncing around in my mind for now. Sometimes that’s the best thing that can happen for book ideas. I’m beginning to feel the pinch of other pressing projects. For instance, along with my editing and blog post writing, I am writing a sermon or two for upcoming preaching agents.

I am working on my life group teaching for the Fall on the subject of speaking in tongues. I’m also writing curriculum for a Bible study I do with a friend on identity in Christ. There are little maintenance things for my website and other websites I maintain that must be done throughout each week. So, you can see I’ve got a lot going on. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I’m still writing reviews of books.

That keeps me busy throughout each day. Let me know how you are enjoying the book reviews, blog posts, and everything else you can see me producing for my website. The devotional will soon be available on all your favorite platforms from buying books. I’m still hopeful that I can publish my devotional by the end of July. But, it may roll into my vacation time at the beginning of August. I’m signing off for now. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

Image by Lalmch from Pixabay

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