Editing Galore and Other Ideas

Writing the devotionals and translating the passages for the last eight for the devotionals is now complete. I am in the editing phase, and January is done! I’m almost halfway through February. Tomorrow, I will be asking people’s ideas of a good title and subtitle. You’ll be getting an email from me about it. And I will be asking on social media.

I’m trying to get ahead of my Divine Discourse blog posts so I can start working on a new project or two. So of all the people I asked, and I asked here a while ago, it looks like my next book project will be one on the Meditations on the Lord’s Supper. This will be a guide where I do some of the research and ideas for things to think about while you are taking communion. It will be a good guide for pastors, but any Christian will benefit from it.

I also need to finish an update to “A Short Guide to Sharing Your Faith,” one of my first books I ever wrote. I will take some time to work on that as well. I just don’t know when to quit. I got a new idea while thinking about a book I will write on the mind of Christ and how the Christian mind is formed and what it means to think like Christ. I thought of writing a book on how to practically meditate as a Christian. It’s on the list.

Two new ideas I may be implementing soon on my website will be a new item on the menu called BIG. It stands for Bible Insights and Gems. I will walk through passages of Scripture that will be used in the familiar to the reader, and offering some of my personal insights and insights I have learned as I have gone through school and studied on my own. Everyone I have mentioned this to can’t wait for these installments. I am working on how often to place them on my website.

A final idea I have been kicking around that goes along with the meditation but is to have daily or weekly meditations posted on my website for people to go through each day or week. That probably won’t happen for a while. But the BIG installments will probably start within the next two months. I want to make sure that does not get in the way of all the other goals and projects I have going on.

I hope you have been enjoying the Christian book reviews. If you have an idea for a Christian book you want me to read and give a review of, leave a comment below and I’ll add it to my list. I hope to soon put on survive use of online Bible study tools and Bible study computer programs. I have a lot going on in my mind, but actually doing it is another thing. You will also see another new menu item, as I am making my services for website design, maintenance, and development available. Since I have shown you a bit of the behind the scenes of a busy I’m making myself, it’s time to get back to these projects. Be blessed until next Thursday!

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