Driven from Religion

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Why do people shy away from religion? Or even worse, why are some people bitter and angry against religion? Every case of rejection of religion has its own reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that people have been hurt by the church or Christians in their past.

The church is generally seen as a safe place for people to explore their faith. The only problem is that the church is full of people. People can hurt one another, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, and sometimes without even knowing they have done it.

I’ve known of people who were hurt by the church because of what they interpreted it as saying about them. They became offended without even making sure that it was meant as an offense. Some have been accused of things they did not do. Some have not felt accepted or welcome when they visited.

Most people have very little problems with Jesus and his teachings. The problem is with the people that call themselves Christians or the church as they go to. This should never be! I always pray that I am open with anyone I speak to. I want them to feel like they could talk to me about anything.

If you run into someone who doesn’t want to. Hear what you have to say, or is even combative and angry with you, this may be the reason. We must be prepared for whatever we may face when we begin to speak about Jesus. If someone is angry at you, ask them why. See if they will open up for the first time in a long time.

Because we identify with Christ and his church, we may face the hurt and anger of people who don’t even know us. We must have thick skin and big shoulders. If we don’t try to get to the bottom of other people’s hurts and anger, we lose the opportunity to show them the true love of Jesus. Be gentle, loving, and kind. Be open and genuine. Show them what a Christian should be!

What do you think? What kinds of hurts and anger have you run into when you’ve shared your faith? Leave a comment below and talk about your experiences.

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  1. andrewdfairchild

    Thank you, I needed this advice!

    1. Jonathan Srock

      I’m just glad I can be of help to the body of Christ. I hope the article works out for you

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