Daily Devo
  • Give Everything

    December 5 | Luke 20:25

    “Then He said to them, “Then pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”” (Luke 20:25)

    Especially toward the end of Jesus’ ministry the religious leaders tried to trap Him in little mind games. They wanted to discredit Him among the people. But no matter what they tried they did not succeed. Jesus often turned the tables on them.

    In one instance they attempted to trap Jesus on the issue of paying taxes to Rome. No one likes to pay taxes but the Jewish people especially did not want to pay taxes to Rome. But there was a group present it did want to pay taxes to Rome, and were spies for them.

    So the religious leaders asked Jesus if they should pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus cleverly asks for a Roman coin. “Whose image is on it?” They replied that Caesar’s image appeared on the coin. And this is when Jesus offers His clincher, “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

    In the back of your mind you may be wondering what Jesus means. So ask the question to yourself, “What has God’s image on it?” The answer is found in Genesis. God makes humankind in His image. So you and I have God’s image on us.

    We often argue about how much of our money God should have. How much of our time should we devote to God? And all kinds of like-minded questions. But Jesus points out that we all belong to God and we must give all of ourselves to Him.

    Action Step: Offer yourself completely to the Lord to do with as He wishes. Give yourself over to His purposes for you.

    Lord Jesus, all that I am and have I give to You. Do with me whatever You wish. I submit myself to You. May I bring glory to You as I seek to honor Your wishes.