Christianity and Morality

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Isn’t Christianity merely a morality?

While Christians espouse a high view of morality because they know and trust in God, the Law Giver, it is not just morality that Christians stand for. In fact, Christianity is much more than morality.

It is first and foremost a religion that espouses relationship with Jesus Christ, God incarnate, and the second member of the Trinity. Christianity contains a number of doctrines and beliefs about God, and especially about Jesus, the Anointed One God sent to save people from their sins and give them eternal life.

Although morality is included in Christianity, it is so much more. Morality is a small sliver of the pie. But it is very important to Jesus. He expects those who represent him on this earth to be good representatives that imitate him in everything he does.

Another concept related to Christianity running throughout the entire Bible is holiness. Holiness also includes morality, but it’s how God works from the inside out. When unbelievers become Christians, God begins a process that works from the inside out, from character to behavior.

Morality is part of the behavioral aspect of holiness, but holiness encompasses so much more. It encompasses all of the things that morality cannot monitor, like thoughts, intentions, motives, and the like. So Christianity is much more involved than just morality.

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