After Evangelicalism
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The Path to a New ChristianityDavid P. Gushee One of my friends said they had a positive experience from reading this book. I decided to check it out for myself. I had no background with the book or its ideas previously. Gushee presents a large work on what people coming…

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Culture Shock
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A Biblical Response to Today’s Most Divisive IssuesChip Ingram Ingram begins the book by sharing examples of how our culture has gone off the tracks. The morals and understanding of right and wrong has gone by the wayside. He gives statistics that show how vast the chasm has come. In…

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The Veil
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an invitation to the unseen realmBlake K. Healy This is an interesting, unusual book. I have not read anything like it before. It definitely held my interest the whole time. Healy tells his story of having a gift to see the spiritual realm. He arranges the book around his personal…

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Holy Fire
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A Balanced Biblical Look at the Holy Spirit’s Work in Our LivesR. T. Kendall Kendall produces one of the most autobiographical books I have read of his works. I learned a lot about him personally through this book. There are some things I never understood about him. He began in…

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Well Versed
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Biblical Answers for Today’s Tough QuestionsJames L. Garlow Every once in a while I read a book about current issues to keep me well-informed as a Christian and as a pastor. I picked up this book because I was interested in most of the subject matter of the author wanted…

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How to Help Others Follow Jesus: 9Marks Building Healthy ChurchesMark Dever This book is part of a series on helping pastors and churches, and congregants, learn how to do basics in the ministry. Dever approaches the process of making disciples with excellent hopes and pointers for everyone from pastors to…

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The Christian Mind
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How Should a Christian ThinkHarry Blimers Blimers arranges his book into books instead of parts and chapters. This is a British work that describes the difference between a Christian and secular mind. A Christian can think like a secularist. Just because you have the name “Christian” doesn’t mean you have…

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