Write a Must-Read
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Craft a Book That Changes Lives – Especially Your OwnA. J. Harper I picked up this book as part of my writing group, Bookcamp, in which we read through the book and applied it to our writing. I was excited to read it because like any author, I want to…

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The War of Art
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Stephen Pressfield I wanted to read this book because of a writers group I am involved in and they recommended a as an encouraging book for creatives of all types, especially writers. I was excited to dive into this book. We met once a week for a month to talk…

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Write Useful Books
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A Modern Approach to Designing and Refining Recommendable NonfictionRob Fitzpatrick This was recommended by the leader of my writing group as a good book to help us not just write a book, but write a book that would be helpful for readers. This pitch interested me because I tend to…

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