Calm before the Storm

So much activity has been going on around my new book. This week, I spent time publishing three different mediums for my book: ebook, paperback, and hardcover. I use three platforms to self publish my books. Amazon is the most widely used, followed by Barnes & Noble, and a third service I use called draft2digital to publish the ebook.

But, I have run into issues with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They have different requirements for the cover of the book that I did not take into account. So I have been feverishly working to make the hardcover and paperback covers fit their standards. I will do better at this next time around. When I self publish, I usually publish the books before the date I give to the public. That’s the nature of self-publishing.

It’s the only way I can get copies of the book in time for the actual launch date. One big problem I aim to resolve this year in my writing is to have a firmer grasp of my writing process from start to finish, from pre-writing to publishing and marketing. I am learning a lot from the writing books I read. I plan to implement the processes these authors tout as helpful to their businesses and books.

I have several books I want to publish this year. A couple of them already are in the works. They should be easier to finish the writing for, edit, and publish. I have a couple of devotionals I want to publish this year. First, if you have followed along with my Daily Devos every day, you know I have a full year of them.

But I want to write almost 70 more Devos so that there will be Devos available at the back of the book for holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Thanksgiving week, and Pentecost week. I am writing those Devos now. They will be new from the beginning of March through the middle of April this year. The faster I can get those written, the faster I can edit and publish a Daily Devos book.

Another devotional I want to publish focuses on the Lord’s Supper, or Communion. We don’t spend much time when we partake of the Lord’s Supper. Some churches boast they can get through it in less than five minutes. That’s not the intent of the Lord’s Supper. The book I am writing will have devotional studies on what happens around the Lord’s Supper. My devotional book will attempt to give you thoughts about the importance and work of Jesus as we remember Him when we partake of the elements.

My biggest book release I hope to have around September-October of this year is a book on the presence of God. I am doing research right now for this topic. If you have any ideas about experiencing the presence of God, I would love to hear from you. This is the book I am working on my writing process for. More to come on this as I continue to blog my thoughts as a writer.

My book on Sharing Your Faith needs to be revised. I want to take the last life group I had where we went through how to witness two different religious groups to become part of my book. Look for a giant revision of this book in the coming year. I don’t know when it will be rereleased. But that is a goal, and most of the content is already available to me. I’ve already done all the research. It’s just a matter of sitting down and writing out the parts of the book than done.

I shouldn’t try to do more than that this year. But if I do, I will only do it if I have time for it. Amidst all of my writing goals for 2023 is the rest of my life. I will have life groups this year, preaching engagements (I hope), holidays like everyone else, and other matters I went to work on like my blog. I always fill my life with too much scheduling and activity. Am I the only one? Until next time, I hope you participate in and enjoy my writing.

Image by Sonja from Pixabay

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