Busy, Busy, Busy!

On Thursday, May 30, I published my short story “Tainted Beauty.” It was the first time I had ever published anything that I wrote. It was very exciting and I have many people helping me with the launch.

I finished the class recently called Write to Publish in a community I’m involved in called The Write Practice. If you want to learn how to write or just be encouraged by other writers who are doing the same things, it’s the place to be.

I realized that I need more contact with all of you, the people that read my writing. So I set out to make some author pages around the web. You can now check out my author pages which link to this blog and my ministry website, as well as my published works. I have author pages on Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, and Books2Read.

I also started a Twitter account to let people know what’s happening in my world. So I’ve been quite busy this month. Unfortunately, that means that I won’t have the Sharing Your Faith Short Guide finished for June. I plan to release it in July.

I am returning to some previous projects I had open. I’m working on a book on holiness called, “A Holy Dare.” I have been working on it for quite a while, and I would love to have it finished very soon.

Anyway, that’s a little bit of what has been going on in my world of writing for the past month or so. Keep in touch on any of these platforms and don’t be afraid to leave a comment below!

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  1. catherinepryan

    Hi, Jonathan! I wonder how you’re doing with your ambitious project. The addition of alllll your author pages is impressive. I feel like a slacker. Ha! Please keep in touch.

    1. Jonathan Srock

      The ambitious project is in the background at the moment. My whole point in taking our class was to get some publishing experience for my upcoming holiness book. I’m only halfway through writing it. It really stalled out during the class because of the assignments. But now I’m trying to get back on track with it. I’m also hoping to write a short guide to sharing your faith based off of the blogs here but expanded. I want that to come out in July. When I need a break from all of that, the biblical images series continues.

      Thanks for your encouragement! Don’t feel like a slacker. Remember, I sit around most of my day in a bed. I’m kind of cheating a little 🙂

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