Big Faith

August 5 | Matthew 17:20

“And He said to them, “Because of your little faith, for truly I say to you: if you have faith like a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, ‘Go from here to there,’ and it will go, will be impossible for you.”” (Matthew 17:20)

You’d be surprised how little it takes to get something big started. Compound interest takes small investments and makes a large lump sum over time. A little snowball rolling down the hill produces a bolder. The things we do every day add up in the end.

Faith is the same way. It starts out small, like a mustard seed, and grows with great power. Mustard seeds are the smallest seeds. So it doesn’t take barely any faith to get started. But that same amount of faith God can take and move mountains with.

You may think you don’t have enough faith but you do. Even just the slightest amount of faith can move a mountain! Imagine what big faith can do. Jesus declares that even the slightest amount of faith can do great things.

Get deep down into your spirit what Jesus concludes. Nothing will be impossible for the person who has mustard seed sized faith. You can see the impossible happen in your life when you put your faith in God. Miracles, signs and wonders, healings, the impossible, all of these are at your fingertips. All you have to do is believe in Jesus’ power to do them.

Action Steps: Do you believe God can do anything? Don’t just believe it in your head. Believe it in your heart. Trust God to do great things through you and He will.

Lord Jesus, I believe in Your power. I know You can do anything and You can do it through me. Move through your Holy Spirit. Do great things in my hands. I give You all the praise for using me to change the world.

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